Work To Be Done

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Jae Gorgeous has decided to do some remodeling work in his house and hired two local painters to help complete the job. When the sexy painters, Colby Chambers and Corbin Colby, arrive he is more than pleased with his choice of painters and wonders how he can get them to do more than housework for him. Jae takes his morning shower and gets hard thinking about the two studs working in the house. Not wanting to waste an erection, Jae decides to walk out naked in front of the guys to see if they may be into a little more than painting. He was right and Colby and Corbin soon have their pants around their ankles while Jae services their hard cocks. Jae is on his knees between the two studs going back between their huge cocks getting them rock hard as he services them. Colby and Corbin make quick work of Jae’s mouth and it’s time for some ass filling. Colby leans back against the ladder while Jae has his dick buried in his mouth and Corbin eats his freshly showered hole. Corbin is first to ram his thick dick deep inside of Jae’s ass while Colby muffles the bottom boy’s moans by pushing his cock in his mouth. They work hard to exploit both of his tight holes with their giant cocks. The sight of Corbin’s dick ramming into that hole was more than Colby could take and he rams his big cock into Corbin’s hole while he’s still fucking Jae. He pushes his thick cock deep into his ass, stretching his tight hole with each thrust. Colby is ready for his solo with Jae and gets balls deep inside his loosened ass. Jae is getting filled from both ends as Corbin fucks his mouth and Colby fucks his ass. Jae is a trooper and takes every inch of what these skilled laborers are bringing to this job. These painters do an excellent job painting thick loads of cum all over Jae’s face. This Colby Knox new gay porn release will have you searching for a couple of sexy handymen to fix something around your house.


Work to be done

A wandering cameraman is always a problem because often losing "the forest for a tree" ! Here, it end with the classic penis-facial, so boring but, but...rare for your marvelous website.There are so many greats scenes here, on colbyknox; love you !