Wicked Fun with Mason

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ColbyKnox regular, Mason Steele, stopped by the house and gets his usual serving of dick from Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. Excited to see him, Colby and Mickey are standing rock hard and ready for action. This adult gay porn starts with Colby and Mason making out on the bed, getting reacquainted and ready for a steamy night of ass play. Colby enjoys exploring this tatted man’s body and moves down to sucking his cock when Mickey joins in on the action. Wedged in between the two sexy husbands, Mason is getting his cock sucked by Colby while he takes Mickey’s seven inch hard cock down his throat. Colby and Mickey intimately make out over Mason while he continues to deep throat Mickey’s fully erect cock. Colby amps up the action as Mason rolls onto his stomach and he moves behind him. Positioning himself between his legs, he lubes up his cock and shoves it into Mason’s tight ass. He begins to push his cock deep inside that tight ass and Mason moans as his moves deeper inside. Tonight Mason breaks from his usual routine and takes a turn pounding Colby and Mickey’s ass. Colby is first to lie back and offer up his ass to Mason’s hard throbbing cock. Pushing his greased cock deep inside his tight hole, he starts pounding harder as Mickey moves into position behind Mason and fuck him while he continues to take Colby’s ass. Mickey is next to tag in and takes Mason’s big dick. He lies on his stomach and pushes his ass into the air ready to take that thick cock. Mason mounts his ass and begins to work it over while Mickey sucks Colby’s hard cock. Colby is ready to bury his cock back in Mason’s hole and moves behind him to get back into ass fucking position. Grabbing Mason’s hips to pull deeper inside, he rams that hard cock rhythmically inside of that tight ass. It doesn’t take long before he is slamming harder and grunting louder as he blows his load. Mason and Mickey wrap up another sweaty scene by making out and stroking out two more warm loads of cum all over their chests.