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This hot gay porn update features Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox welcoming Junior Fernandez to the ColbyKnox house for a live cam show. Junior is no stranger to webcam action as he is a veteran host of his own webcam shows. The live cam action starts off with Colby and Mickey tickling Junior and moving into more intimate play as the three start to engage in three way kissing. The chemistry is strong between these guy and they are at immediate ease with each other. The intimate kissing evolves into cock sucking and the three take turns sucking each other’s cock. Mickey and Colby start feeding big hard cock to Junior from both ends. Colby has Junior on all fours with his chest pushed against the bed as he starts to penetrate him from behind. He pushes his lubed cock deep inside and Junior’s moans are muffled by Mickey’s cock shoved in his mouth. Junior’s ass gets worked over by Colby before its time for Mickey to take his turn as a tight hole. Mickey moves in position behind Colby where he begins to shove his thick shaft deep inside of his lover’s ass. Colby is moaning before Junior shoves his cock down his throat. Junior has a hard cock and is ready for his turn riding some ass. He gets his turn on Mickey’s ass that is tight and ready for a good pounding. Colby is ready for some more ass and gets balls deep riding Junior as he leans against the headboard. Junior is panting as Colby is plowing hard before pulling out and shooting his thick load of cum all over his sweet ass. There is plenty of cock stroking fun in this fuck session as the guys play nicely together and everyone’s ass gets a turn taking hard cock. Get your lube ready as this scene gives you plenty of stroke worthy, cum milking action.