Twinks in a Tub

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Dakota Rider and Christian Bay are featured in this new gay porn release from Colby Knox. These two hot twinks are lathered up in a tub full of bubbles with hard cocks and ready to have some slippery wet fun. The scene starts with Dakota on top of Christian and they can’t keep their hands off each other as they are soaped up and neck deep in tub lust. Christian enjoys the feel of the very wet Dakota on top of him and they whisper intimately to each other between their tender kisses. Dakota enjoys taking his hands and stroking the wet body of Christian, moving his hands up and down his torso to feel every inch of his sexy chest. They continue the intimate body stroking and making out, shoving their tongues into each other’s mouth before Christian repositions Dakota on the edge of the tub. Kneeling in front of the tatted twink, Christian begins to deep throat that hard cock. He intimately strokes his chest and rubs his balls while taking every inch of his cock deep down his throat. The sight of these tight bodied studs rubbing against each other is amazing. Christian continues deep throating Dakota’s long, thick meaty cock as he lies back moaning with extreme pleasure. Christian is ready for more and Dakota rolls over to offer up his sweet wet ass for the taking. Moving his face into the crack of his smooth ass, Christian wastes no time using his tongue to rim his ass and taste his sweet hole. Dakota moans instinctively and begs him to continue eating his luscious ass before Christian finally plunges his thick cock deep into his ass. Grabbing his hips, he grinds deep feeling his throbbing dick push all the way into Dakota’s ass. The two continue to fuck against the mirror and they get off watching themselves fuck in the tub. Christian sits down and Dakota sits down, grinding up and down on his thick hard cock probing deep inside his gut. Ready to switch it up, Dakota shoves his hard meat into Christian’s tight ass. Pinning him against the side of the tub he grinds each inch of his cock deep inside of his hole. That tight man hole feels amazing squeezing down on his cock as he thrusts in and out of his twink ass, causing him to erupt in with a giant load of cum all over Christian’s back. This adult gay porn bath time will have you hard and stroking and looking for your own hot bubble bath action.


twinks in tub

love to see hard cock standing straight up. shows guys are really into man on man sex. would have been a five star if it were raw fucking.


Loved it was so hot great job


Great to see more Christian on here - hottest model and that ass is so hot!

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