Track boys

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River Wilson just moved to the area a few weeks ago and is still getting used to his new home. He is from Montreal and moving to North Carolina has been quite the shock for him. River has been able to make friends fast since he runs track and has made friends with some of the boys on the team. Cameron Taylor is one of those boys; he is awesome at track and field and happens to know everybody in town. Cameron is a nice guy and decided to take River under his wing and help him get used to his new surroundings. Today the two boys are running outdoors on a new trail since it's been a few weeks since their last competition and Cameron does not want to lose any of his endurance. After they're done running, Cameron is curious to see what River thinks of the area. River tells him that he thinks all the green fields and woods are beautiful as opposed to where he grew up that is all tall buildings and paved roads. He also mentions how the people are different, keeping to themselves mostly. Well It's doesn't take long before Cameron makes the first move. Cameron excuses himself to the bathroom then comes walking around the corner butt naked with his huge cock swinging between his legs. River takes one look at him and instantly you can tell the two of them are going to have fun. In this new gay video, River drops to his knees and starts servicing Cameron’s monster cock. Demonstrating an amazing ability to handle that long shaft down his throat, it’s not long before Mickey has River bent over and is eating his ass. Cameron lubes up his hard cock and pushes it inside of River’s tight ass. Pushing in deep, River takes every inch of that giant cock deep inside of his tight man hole. Cameron enjoys the feel of the tight ass and explodes with a huge load of warm cum all over River’s face.


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