The Perfect Subject

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Ian Has been looking for a Photographer for quite a while, and with Colby as his man, he gets a lot more than just photos. It starts out like they planned but before you know it the boys are getting down to business. Ian surrenders his tight ass over to Colby.. Its a don't miss for sure.


The Perfect Subject

I have been an Ian Levine fan since his very first gay porn video shortly after he turned 18 and have watched him since as an 18 year old, a twink and now an early twenty something. His one constant is that hot bubble butt, which his fans and most fellow models like to see fucked. Great photographer/model scene here as Colby gets to tap that ass. Both guys shoot nice loads at the end - Colby on Ian's butt and Ian on Colby's chest.


Excellent scene - audio was fine all the way through ..... great to see Colby wearing a load - both models are fucking hot!!!


Love the gritty background on this one, totally hot. Didn't have any audio issues here btw

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