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In this hot gay porn bonus scene, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox welcome their favorite gym stud, Leo Marks, to the ColbyKnox house for a live cam show. Leo is a sexy college stud the guys scouted at a local gym and they are always rock hard when he is able to visit the house. Colby and Mickey are horned up and ready to use his ass and Leo is ready for the challenge. The show starts with Leo’s beautiful bubble ass getting admired by both Colby and Mickey. As they rub his sweet cheeks, they can’t help but get excited for what’s about to come. Colby then lubes up his hard cock and starts working it into Leo’s tight hole. Leo is lying on his stomach and sucking on Mickey’s cock so his moans are muffled. Having filled both of Leo’s holes, the sexy husbands lean forward and start making out while continue to fill him from both ends. Mickey is serving up a mouthful of hard cock to Leo when Colby stretches forward to have a taste of that luscious cock for himself. Mickey enjoys the feel of Leo’s mouth on his cock but wants his turn at that ass that Colby has been working open. He lubes up and lies back so that Leo can sit on his cock and ride him. Bouncing up on down on that hard shaft, Leo takes all seven inches deep inside. The husbands take turns ramming their hard thick cocks deep in Leo’s ass before Colby explodes with a huge load of cum all over his butt cheeks. Leo decides he wants in on the ass burying action and gets Mickey to climb on his hard throbbing cock. These guys have the headboard rocking as they pound each other before shooting warm loads of cum all over their chests.