Tag-Teaming Jae Gorgeous

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In this new gay porn release from Colby Knox. We join Jae Gorgeous, tonights guest with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, with Colby already working away on Jae. Moving nice and slow easing his big thick cock in and out of Jae’s tight bubble butt. Mickey Cant play the voyeur for long before he eventually caves and takes a nice bite of that ripe peach himself, shoving his dick inside of Jae and going right to town. Colby moving to Jay’s front and fucking his pretty face while his husband ass fucks him from behind. Colby makes out with Jay, gets his dick sucked and watches, getting himself nice and worked up before taking charge back and blowing a huge load of hot sticky cum all over Jay’s plump ass. Mickey, of course seeing this, starts to huff and puff and eventually erupts in a climactic blast of sexual satisfaction.


Jay's fuck

The kissing is always such a turn on and so beautiful. The way Jay gives himself too you guys is simply great. It would have been mind blowing if the fucking was raw!