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We all have those moments we look back on and say "wish I would have done this" or "maybe I should have done that." It only takes a little movement in a different direction to change the trajectory of your life. Eli Lincoln and Cameron Taylor have been friends and neighbors for as long as they can remember. Cameron was always the one partying and getting into trouble while Eli was the more reserved and shy introvert being goaded in to Cam's adventures. The time has finally come for the two to part ways, as Cam is moving away to college and Eli is not quite sure how to feel about it. Especially since there’s always been something about Cam that Eli has been just a little bit curious about. In this adult gay porn scene, Eli gets that second chance to change the direction of his life and he makes the most of the opportunity. While saying his goodbyes, he finally makes a move to show that he has deeper feelings for Cam. That leads to Eli dropping to his knees and taking Cam’s giant cock in his mouth. Sitting in the back of the car, Cam unzips his pants and unveils a huge monster cock that Eli is happy to finally have a chance to taste. He grabs the thick long shaft with his hands and begins to wrap his lips around his dick. Cam leans back and enjoys the feel of his monster dick sliding in his mouth and ramming down his throat. Cam then stands Eli against the back of the car, sliding down his pants and begins to work his tight boy hole with his tongue. He spreads his ass cheeks and rims his tight man hole with his tongue and fingers before working laying his thick cock against his ass. He lubes his giant cock and begins to push his throbbing meat inside of Eli’s tight hole. He grinds his thick shaft deep inside his tight hole stretching it open as he continues to use his hole. He continues long stroking that tight ass in multiple positions in the garage, with Eli panting and moaning with each long stroke. Cameron pulls out and strokes a huge load of warm cum on Eli’s face while he strokes out a warm load of his own. These two long-time friends make the most of a new direction and leave each other soaked in cum rather than regrets.



super sexy ass!!!! more from him


I want that boy

Amazing Scene

This is an incredible scene. Cameron is hot and hung, Eli is smoking and has an ass that demands attention. Their chemistry is amazing, and this scene is sizzling from start to finish. Can't wait to see more of Eli on this site!

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