Spanish Lesson

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In this ColbyKnox hot gay porn release, Colby Chambers has hired a Spanish language tutor to come over to the house and help him learn a new language. When the sexy tutor, Angel Cruz, showed up at the house Colby knew this was going to be tougher than imagined because he couldn’t keep his eyes off of his hot body. Angel’s sexy native tongue and amazing body had Colby less focused on the language lesson and more focused on Angel. Lucky for Colby, a tutoring demonstration had his hands on the tutor’s cock and once he felt Angel’s erection, he knew he was ready for a study break. It looks like that tongue rolling practice is going to come in handy as Colby buries his face on Angel’s hard cock. Angel grabs the back of his head and forces Colby onto his cock and aggressively face fucks him. Colby is hard and ready for some fun and makes good use of the kitchen counter as he has Angel face first down eating his beautiful ass. These guys go at it hard with Colby delivering every inch of his thick meat deep inside of Angel’s tight ass. Angel is reaching across the counter to hold on tight as Colby is drilling him furiously from behind. The sight of this tatted stud against the counter with Colby balls deep is truly a beautiful sight. Colby manipulates Angel into multiple positions in the kitchen as he continues to give a lesson on ass pounding. The feel of Colby’s cock pushing inside has Angel panting and calling out that he’s going to cum. This intense kitchen fucking causes Angel to explode with a huge, long shooting stream of cum all over his chest. Colby is more than pleased with this tutoring session and tips Angel by shooting a load of cum on the tutor’s ass.



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