Rainy Nights with Tyler Sky

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This new gay porn update features local North Carolina model, Tyler Sky, visiting the ColbyKnox house for a live cam show. Tyler has a beautiful tanned body and several tattoos that make it extremely difficult for Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox to keep their hands off of him. Lucky for us, tonight’s show is all about putting their hands, mouths, and cocks all over this sexy stud’s body. Tyler begins by lying on his stomach as Mickey Knock begins working his ass, slapping his cheeks and sliding his hard cock up and down his crack. Colby slides his tight briefs off to present his bulging cock to Tyler so that he can take it in his mouth. Colby enjoys feeling the sensation of that hot mouth on his hard seven inch cock sliding between his lips. Tyler has one of those asses that just screams fuck me and Colby is happy to answer the call by ramming his cock balls deep in that hole. Grabbing his ass from behind, he rams his thick shaft deep in that smooth ass as Tyler begins to moan and pant. Colby reaches down to grab both ass cheeks and he spreads them wider to make room for his thick cock that he continues to grind deep inside. Mickey has positioned himself in front of Tyler and begins to face fuck him with his hard cock. Tyler is being filled in both ends by huge cock when Mickey straddles his face to get him to lick his balls and ass. Mickey is ready to bury his cock inside that tight ass and he shoves his cock deep into that ass as he pushes Tyler’s face into the mattress. Hard stroking that ass, you can hear Mickey’s balls slap against his ass. Colby gets his second round of ass stretching and slides his thick cock back into that warm hole. Mickey and Colby take turns working over Tyler’s ass and both explode depositing huge loads of warm cum all over his beautiful ass. Tyler ends up exhausted and sweaty, wearing two loads of hot stud cum on his body.


Raining nights with Tyler

Colby had a nice haircut, and he and Mikey brought their A game. What can be said about the amazing T yler that every one has not already been talking about. Tyler LOVES to bottom and it shows in ALL of his scenes, as he begs for the guys to keep going at him hard and any way they want to. Tyler has beautiful puppy dog eyes, a great smile and all this is, topped by an awesone bubble butt.

<3 Tyler

I LOVE Tyler, every show, it never fails, he is awesome. Mickey being vocal with him was HOT! Good job guys!

Love rainy nights!

Great scene! Nothing better than listening to the rain on the roof while you are having sex. I miss Tyler! I wish he would make an appearance just to say hi. I have to also add to the previous comment about supposed tension. I am all for constructive criticism. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion. With that said, what is to be gained from such a comment as this? No heat between Mickey and Colby? Really? Just rewatch the entire scene please, particularly 12:15, 16:00, and 16:37. Plenty of chemistry, heat, and love between these two. Is it as passionate as some scenes like Ain't Love Grand? No but there is nothing wrong with that! Keeping ColbyKnox real is why I am a returning fan!

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