One Hot Ride

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Dakota's parents are out of town. Leaving behind both Their son and BMW. Dakota is usually a very straight shooter but Colby has a way of influiencing people. It's no time at all before they are both naked and fucking in the BMW. Two young guys going at it. Such a great way to spend the night.


One Hot Ride

Colby sucks, gets head from and fucks hot twink Dakota (who has a surprisingly big cock for someone of his stature which stays rock hard while he gets pounded).. I love scenes of hot skinny twinks getting fucked, and this one is a really good one.

One Hot Ride

Looking forward to seeing a lot more hot scenes with Dakota.

sorry couldn't really look atr dakota ryder

Hot scene and concept for sure. Love our favorite model who is masculine and hairy. But Dakota Ryder....for me I just cdouldn't look at him, my opinion only, skinny lanky body, shaved to the quick dick, bad haircut, just not extra attractive, esp compared to his mate here. No offense at all.