Love in the Ranks

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In this week’s new gay porn release, Mickey Knox and Pierre Fitch bring a military lover’s fuck fantasy to life. It’s been ten weeks since Mickey Knox went off to basic training in the Marines, and he has missed the deep embrace and big cock of his boyfriend the entire time he was away. His sexy boyfriend, Pierre Fitch, has been eagerly waiting for his return and the feel of that tight bubble ass on his cock. Little does he know that today is the day he returns and that sweet soldier’s ass is ready for a sweaty, hard-pounding fuck session. Mickey surprises his hot military lover at home and the sight of these two studs in their military fatigues and combat boots is spectacular. Mickey is happy to salute Pierre’s thick cock and quickly has it erect and at attention down his throat. These gay marines suck cock and eat ass like well-trained military studs with a passion for each other. Pierre’s tight chiseled body accentuates his tattoos, and the contrast of his tatted body against Mickey’s smooth, clean-cut body is hot. Pierre gives Mickey’s tight hole one hell of a fucking as he rams that thick cock in again and again. This hot gay porn will have you stroking your cock as you watch Pierre drive his thick shaft deep into that tight ass while Mickey has his legs thrown over his shoulders. These guys are in sexual combat mode as they fuck with their combat boots on. These reunited gay military lovers can’t get enough of each other, and they fuck in multiple positions all over the bed. Mickey shows just how hard he’s trained over the last ten weeks as he takes every inch of Pierre’s thick cock without any mercy. These military studs are making up for lost time, and Pierre enjoys feeling his cock deep inside of Mickey for the first time in a long while. Pierre pulls his big cock out to explode with a huge load of cum all over Mickey’s face. That warm, sticky load has Mickey hard and he strokes out his own load of cum all over his chest before polishing the remaining cum off of Pierre’s hard cock.



Hot fucking scene.. Men in uniform! Pierre is sexy as fuck... good chemistry. Love the boots on that was so hot. Love the scene Mickey... love you??

Hot, Sexy, and Fun

I love the premise of this video, and the heat and passion between Mickey and Pierre is awesome. I've been a fan or Pierre's for years, and this is a great pairing. This video is what you get when you have two amazing performers who are into each other and let it show-- hot, sexy, and fun!

missed opportunities

This is a pretty new site and I am watching the site's vids for the first time. The site has a lot going for it. Good looking but mostly not over-exposed models. Mostly guy next door types, which is great. So far they are all very enthusiastic in the scenes. Mostly hard cocks thru out the scene. But the site must hire a cameraman who knows how to film and light gay porn. Really bad lighting here and in many other scenes. And so many missed camera shots. How can a gay porn site have a cameraman who does not know how to get the good penetration shots? You had a very experienced model in this scene, Pierre, and he knows how to fuck so the camera can see it, but your cameraman missed shot after shot and even when he got the good shot the lighting was terrible. Please fix the camera work and lighting-your models are putting on good performances, but we can't see a lot of what they are doing.