Live with Chandler Mason

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Chandler Mason joins Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in the ColbyKnox house tonight for a live webcam show. This sexy Chicago stud has an amazing body and a tight ass that is begging for the guys to ride him hard. Chandler is lying in between the resident lovers on the bed and they waste no time in pulling down his sexy briefs and giving that smooth tight ass some attention. Mickey has his hard throbbing cock pressed against his ass and begins teasing his luscious ass. The guys bet Chandler pinned on his back with his rock hard long cock pointing straight in the air. Mickey and Colby take turns working that hard shaft with their mouths and have Chandler squirming and moaning on the bed. Mickey advances the live hot gay porn fucking action by sticking his dick deep in that tight hole and working his tight ass. Mickey has Chandler’s leg thrown over his shoulder and pulling himself deep inside of his tight ass. He is plowing hard and works Chandler in multiple positions to get deeper inside of his man hole. Mickey lies back on the bed and Chandler climbs on riding that hard cock like a pro. The action gets steamy as the guys have Chandler pinned on the edge of the bed with Mickey’s cock buried in his ass and Colby face fucking his mouth. Colby is ready for his ride inside that smooth ass and positions himself between Chandler’s legs pushing his cock deep inside that ass. He pushes his legs up in the air and Mickey begins to suck the stud’s toes while Colby continues to pound that tight hole. Chandler takes turns getting an ass pounding from the resident lovers before they each splatter a warm load of cum all over his tight ass.


Great Work

That was great I love seeing the sweat on a body while in action. I also love Mickey licking that cum up.

Live with Chandler Mason

These guys have such good chemistry and it shows. The all love sex and are so sexy to look at. It really doesn't get any better than this and this is one of my favorite threesomes. Hot sex!