Killborn Sandwich

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Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have been looking forward to having Alex Killborn in the Colby Knox bedroom for tonight’s adult gay porn show. Alex is a versatile stud with a beautiful body, devilish eyes, and looks to kill for. The three studs start by caressing, kissing, and stroking each other’s cocks. It’s a tender and intimate start to the night as the guys take turns swallowing cock and licking balls, ensuring they are all getting into an erotic mood. With Mickey sucking Colby’s dick, Alex is happy to be working up behind Mickey’s ass to feel just how tight his big cock will feel in that sweet hole. Alex eats Mickey’s ass getting his hole nice and wet before he shoves his big dick deep into that ass. Alex plants his hand at the base of his back positioning him to take that cock deep in his ass. Alex is getting more aggressive with each thrust and has the headboard banging as he plows Mickey’s tight hole. Mickey enjoys getting used from both ends and his ass gets worked over before Colby decides he wants a piece of Alex’s ass. He is happy to take that big cock as Colby goes balls deep in his hole. Colby digs in deep and gets his chance for some solo action with Alex. Mounted on his back, Colby grinds deep with each thrust and has Alex moaning with each stroke pushing deep in his ass. Colby gives Alex all seven inches in multiple positions, switching it up to leverage his ass for deeper penetration. With his signature growl, Colby explodes on Alex’s ass. Alex is ready to shoot a load of his own but not before he rams his thick cocks back inside of Mickey’s ass. Alex fingers Mickey’s hole opening his tight ass up before ramming his dick back inside. With his face pressed against the mattress, Mickey takes each hard thrust like a champ moaning and stroking his own cock. Alex explodes with a load on his face before Mickey rolls on his back to stroke out a warm load of his own all over his chest. These studs play well together as evidenced from their sweat soaked, cum covered bodies.


alex killborn fucks mickey and gets fucked by colby

alex had fucked mickey before, here too. but mickey gets to watch alex get fucked by his macho bf colby. the worshipping eyes of mickey with which he sees colby when colby is making alex moan

Killborn Sandwich

As Mickey said (well shouted) as Alex pounded his ass, "Oh Fuck," which pretty much sums up this scene. Our dark-haired boys and Mr. Killborn'a blonde locks really sets this off. Adorable; fucking adorable!


There's nothing tastier than a hot and saucy sandwich...