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Colby Chambers and Corbin Colby are teammates on the football team and they have been eyeing each other at practice since the season started. After practice today, they make their way over to Colby’s house to hang out and use his home gym. When they walk in, they realize they are alone and they finally make the move to act on their sweaty desires. Corbin pushes Colby against the wall and these guys don’t hold back, showing just how much they have been lusting to taste each other’s cock. Corbin shoves his tongue into Colby’s mouth and they make out while pulling on each other’s cock. The action moves into the gym and Colby pins Corbin down on the weight bench where he pulls his huge cock from his sweatpants and takes the entire ten inches in his mouth. Corbin grabs the back of Colby’s head and pulls his mouth deeper onto his cock, working hard to take each inch down his throat. They change positions and Corbin gets on his knees on the weight bench and presents his ass to Colby. He then tongues Corbin’s hole getting it ready to take his thick cock. Colby shoves his throbbing cock deep into Corbin’s ass, using his football jersey to pull him deeper into his hole. The guys are fucking hard on the weight bench and watching each other in the mirror mounted above them on the wall. Leaning against the barbell Corbin moans as he feels the deep thrust of Colby’s cock pushing in his ass. They make good use of the empty gym, fucking on the weight bench and then moving to the floor to continue the sweaty fuck session. Colby stretches out on his back and Corbin squats down on his cock riding him up and down taking every inch of that thick shaft in his ass. The two finally remove their remaining clothes and Corbin throws his leg over Colby’s shoulder as he grinds deep into his ass. Colby shoots a huge load of cum on his balls before Corbin shoots a huge load of cum all over his chest. This Colby Knox release is certain to be one of your favorite gay porn videos.


Spectacular Superbowl of Jock Sex!

This Jock scene has to be one of the hottest Jock Fantasy scenes I've ever seen.Colby and Corbin both have amazing bodies and seeing them in football gear and then out of it is what dreams are made of. I give it 10 stars or touchdowns! It deserves a Game 2 as both of them made it a winning game!

Football Buds

Love the football buddy fantasy with uniforms and all. Colby and Corbin are super hot together and will bring a smile to your face along with a few other things of course!

Game On

I subscribed this afternoon, and this was the first scene I watched. Excellent jock sex video wherein Corbin, while wearing his football shoulder pads and jersey most of the time, first gets his long and wide horse cock sucked and then his butt fucked while his horse cock stayed rock hard. Very good first scene to watch.