Fun Times With Logan Taylor

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This hot gay porn update features Logan Taylor joining Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in the ColbyKnox house for a live webcam show. This show has a variety of fun for everyone and it will be hard to not find a lot to like about this live action. Tonight starts out with some playful tickling, bubble ass worshiping, and moves into some sexy oral action. Lined up on the bed, the guys are on their knees against the headboard showing off their tight asses for the fans. Giving everyone a glimpse of what’s to come, there is plenty of ass displayed for eating, licking and pounding to go around. The guys are working over each other’s stiff cocks and tight holes, again showing off their versatility in the bedroom. Ever the happy visitor, Logan is lying back and enjoying the servicing he receives from Colby and Mickey. They are on either side and taking turns stroking and sucking on his hard cock. Logan gets repositioned on his stomach as Colby lubes his thick shaft and enters his ass from behind. Up on his knees with back arched, Logan is presenting that luscious ass for one hell of a pounding. Colby lies on his back and Logan climbs on to continue to see how deep he can take that cock inside. The action switches up as Mickey gets the opportunity to move behind Logan and start fucking that hole. With both guys on their knees, Mickey is thrusting deep inside that tight hole before Colby is ready for more ass. Logan is a happy houseguest getting to ride Colby and Mickey’s cock before shoving his big thick cock deep inside of a tight ass. Mickey wraps up another hot ColbyKnox show with two big dicks and warm loads of cum on his face.


Logan can ride!

Holy moses that boys got moves, between twerking that bubble butt and the way he can arch his back and move those hips, Logan sure is a stunner. I can see why, apart from his cute fun personality, Mickey and Colby enjoy working with him. Who wouldn't?