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In this ColbyKnox new gay porn release, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, Cameron Taylor and River Wilson are all horny and ready to perform one hell of a live show for their viewers. The show starts off with Cameron lying back on the bed surrounded by the three other studs making out, sucking cock, and rubbing bodies. Tonight, the ColbyKnox bed is at capacity with four rock hard studs ready to get sweaty together. The studs are intertwined together with River sucking Colby, Colby sucking Cameron, and Cameron sucking Mickey. It’s clear that there is plenty of chemistry between these guys and they waste no time pawing at each other to satisfy their sexual pleasures. All of the hard cocks are getting taken care of by a warm mouth before the action evolves into more heated fun. The ass play heats up as Mickey and Cameron lie back and watch River and Colby climb on their rock hard greased cocks. Cameron's massive thick cock finds its way deep inside of Colby’s tight ass. He begins to move up and down on that long shaft as it works deeper with each thrust. It’s not long before Cameron rolls Colby onto his back with his cock still buried deep inside to position himself to push farther inside of his tight ass. That thick throbbing meat is stretching Colby’s ass to its limit and he is moaning and groaning as he feeds him each inch. Mickey and River continue to pound away alongside the action as River takes Mickey’s cock balls deep. The guys decide to switch things up and Mickey takes Cameron’s hard cock while Colby begins to push inside of River’s tight hole. The ass stretching action continues until Colby shoots a huge load of warm cum all over River’s face, drenching him in his cum. Mickey and Cameron lie back and stroke out two huge loads of cum all over their chests. These studs made good use of the ColbyKnox bed tonight as they made good use of each other’s asses.


colby's destruction in front of river and mickey

cameron takes revenge on colby and shows that he's macho too. colby's tight ass gets totally destroyed by cameron while his bottom river watches.. humiliating hahaah.. colby's macho moaning when he is penetrated is hot as hell...big fan of colby.. as a bottom fan, i want to see colby getting fucked like this

Mickey <3

Mickey, love how you always appreciate guys’ balls ?? and love y’all ofc ?? Please more vids of you holding/sucking on our beautiful Colby or other’s models’ balls. Thnx ??