Football Besties -BAREBACK-

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In this new video from ColbyKnox, Logan Cross and Mickey Knox are finished with football practice but still have plenty of energy to burn. They head back to Mickey's house to have a little fun before Logan goes home. They used to chill like this all the time but last year Mickey changed schools. Now they play for different teams. Today was a joint practice between the two football teams and this was the first time, this year, they have been able to play together. The scrimmage went well but Logan Cross and Mickey Knox are more excited about getting back to Mickey's place! Logan Cross knows Mickey has a thing for feet and decides to prop his right into his lap to see what will happen. Mickey goes for them immediately! He sucks on Logan's toes, massaging the soles with his thumbs. Mickey licks Logan's feet from heel to toe until his cock is rock hard. After teasing Logan for a bit, Mickey switches gears and blatantly offers Logan his perfect, throbbing cock. Logan doesn't waste any time. He wraps his hands and tongue around what he's been thinking about during the entire football practice. Mickey soon takes back control, using his shaft to spread apart Logan's tight ass cheeks. He slowly pushes his cock in until Logan's tight, hungry hole swallows every last inch. Mickey fucks Logan nice and slow until he is sure Logan is ready for a good and hard pounding. Once Logan is loosened up and ready, Mickey unleashes one hell of an ass fucking into him. The chemistry between these longtime football buds is insane, They lock eyes as they fuck away. Kissing and laughing, these two really know how to have a good time. Both boys end up shooting their loads in one of their most intense fuck sessions. If only the rest of the team could see what they were up to!


Great Finale

Mickey is one of the few guys who can actually get off in a butthole. So hot when he happily felched that fucked asshole...

Great Scene

Both men are so fucking beautiful. Logan Cross is the cutest twink ever! Mickey licking the cum was so damn hot.


when are we gonna see Logan swallowing a big load of cum?

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