Farm Boys

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Farm boys Colby Chambers and Keaton Plowman have been working on the lawnmower all day. It’s been a long and hot day and they still don’t have it fixed. All Colby has wanted to do is fuck Keaton’s ass on the lawnmower and he can’t resist Keaton’s sexy ass in those overalls and work boots any longer. He pushes his tongue in that sweet country boy’s ass and that has him squirming and ready to take that cock. Colby makes good use of the farm equipment and plows Keaton’s ass with deep long strokes. That tight ass took every inch of Colby's thick shaft and like any good farmer; he sows his seed all over Keaton’s face.


Farm Boys

Great role play, acting and dialogue with Keaton the hot assed sexy 18 year old farm hand teasing his boss Colby and then giving his boss head before taking it up the butt. Big cum shot by Colby on Keaton's face with some of the load seeping into Keaton's mouth.


Omg - Keaton and Colby had a great scene ... great cum shots .... great models ... hope Keaton is gonna be cumming back more and more!! Two pretty and adorable models - love you two xoxoxo

Farm boys

From Keaton's beautiful ass and legs to Colby's epic cum shot on Keaton's face, you don't want to miss this scene! Perfect lighting and editing also.

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