Double Date

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You are in for a treat with this week’s ColbyKnox hot gay porn update. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox welcome studs Junior Fernandez and Mickey Taylor to the house for a live cam fuck session. Tonight’s session features four rock hard cocks that manage to use every inch of the bed for some hot sweaty fucking. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the guys as they are all over each other switching partners, sucking cock, licking ass, and fucking hole. The clean cut ColbyKnox guys provide some hot contrast to their sexy tatted guests and all four studs offer up their tight asses for some good clean ass pounding action. The action starts off with the guys lounging on the bed and exposing their cocks and asses for the webcam fans. That turns into more hands on play as they start rubbing, stroking, and kissing each other. Colby and Junior start making our while Mickey Knox lies back to suck Colby’s cock. Mickey Taylor then moves between his legs to suck his hanging cock on the edge of the bed. Mickey Taylor then starts face fucking Mickey Knox while Colby lubes up to penetrate Junior’s tight ass. Colby starts pushing his cock inside of Junior on one side of the bed while Mickey Taylor climbs on to Mickey Knox’s cock, riding up and down to see how deep he can take that thick shaft. The Mickeys then switch it up and Mickey Taylor begins to work his cock inside of Mickey Knox from behind before moving to the other side of the bed for his turn on Junior’s ass. That gives Mickey Knox the opportunity to get balls deep inside of Colby, bouncing his balls off his ass as he pounds that tight hole. Tonight’s action leaves an exhausted pile of sexy bodies soaked in sweat and cum.


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nice orgy.. but there is a clear distinction between the macho and the sluts.. colby and mickey taylor (even though they take dicks), never mickey taylor takes mickey's dick but taylor never lets mickey control the sex.. hot but a bit rough would be mickey taylor fucking colby rough in front of mickey and junior. junior is total slut no doubt.

Double Date

Hot foursome in a bed with the two Mickeys flip flop fucking ,Colby fucking Junior, Mickey K topping Colby and Mickey T fucking Junior. So everyone fucked and got fucked except Junior, who 100% bottomed. Cum highlight: Mickey T shooting a long distance load which went all the way across the bed and landed on the floor on the other side.


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