Colby, Mickey and Tyler

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Tyler Sky is back at the ColbyKnox house for another night of live cam fun with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in this new gay porn release. Tyler is no stranger to the house or the receiving end of the husband’s big cocks. The guys have great chemistry and are completely at ease with this hottie who has become a regular on their bed and cocks. After the resident lovers, Colby and Mickey, start the show off with some hot tongue play, Tyler gets into position by lying across the bed. Working his way behind Tyler, Colby gets things rolling by warming up that tight ass with his tongue, followed by some ass slapping before he goes in deep with that meaty cock. Colby’s cock grows harder and harder and he begins to slide the entire length of his thick shaft up and down Tyler’s ass crack. Mickey positions himself in front of Tyler and begins feeding his cock down his throat, forcing him to take that thick meat. Colby lubes his cock and shoves it deep inside of Tyler’s smooth ass. The feel of that thick shaft sliding in causes him to gasp for air and moan out load. Colby grinds deeper and Tyler begins to push his ass back against that thick cock taking every inch balls deep in his ass. Tyler’s moans are muffled by a gagging sensation as Mickey continues to ram his cock down his throat. Mickey’s cock is hard and wet and he wants his turn on that tight man hole and he takes a ride burying his thick meat balls deep into Tyler’s ass. Working behind him in doggy style position, he pushes deep inside of that ass feeling his meat slide in deep. These guys must be hungry tonight because they make one hell of man sandwich with lots of meat tucked tightly between some fresh hot buns. Colby is ready for more ass play and works his way behind Mickey shoving all seven bareback inches inside his lover. These three studs continue to fuck in unison until Colby pulls out and creams a huge load of cum all over Mickey’s back. Mickey gets one last chance at solo play and rides Tyler hard before shooting his warm load of cum on his back.


Loves of my life

That's what I like. Lots of hot Colby and Mickey action with a hot guy. Well done boys.


Tyler is perfect! <3 Mickey and Colby aren't so bad either. ;) Great video!