Colby And Mickey Fuck The Pizza Boy -BAREBACK-

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Have you ever wanted to Fuck the Pizza Boy? Well, so have Colby and Mickey. Colby is quick to strike when an opportunity arrises too. Definitely when the Pizza boy is cute as fuck but cant break a $100. So Colby comes up with a quick plan, the pizza boy, Jordan, can just keep all of it as long as he is willing to show off some. One thing leads to another and next thing you know the pizza boy is making a whole weeks pay in less than an one hour. The only catch is he has to take two cum loads to earn it. Colby and Mickey end up fucking this lucky stud in ever position imaginable. With hundred of dollars at stake the Cute boy has no choice but to grit his teeth and let the two studs ravaging his hole until they finish. Mickey is first, shooting his warm cum all over the place while watching Colby's thick wet cock sliding in and out of the Pizza Boy, Jordan Mathews. Then Colby is next, pumping days worth of cum inside the boy. Holy fuck what a Friday night at ColbyKnox.



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Jordan is so sexy! Cute face, the hat backwards, that huge pale ass getting pounded with those big legs in the air and his toes curling on those big feet, it was great.

Pizza Boy Puts Out for His Tip

By not having small denominations of dollar bills to pay for their pizza, Colby and Mickey discovered that, by adjusting the tip amount upwards, they get to fuck bareback Jordan, the hot 21 year old pizza boy. Tag team fucking the hot young pizza bitch wearing his baseball cap on backwards, Mickey even gets to shoot his load inside Jordan's ass, and great camera work shows the cum slowly seeping out of the pizza boy's butt. Pizza boy Jordan at the end of this scene winds up with a big tip and an ass full of cum! Remember this scene the next time a 21 year old pizza boy shows up at your house with your pizza, and the pizza boy wearing his baseball cap on backwards.

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