Blowing Off Steam

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After a long day of travel, Alex Killborn and Logan Taylor finally arrive at their hotel. Logan is upset because their luggage was lost at the airport and Alex is looking for a way to cheer him up and get his mind off the bags. Alex figures the best way to do that is by putting Logan’s dick deep down his throat. Alex pushes Logan against the bar in the hotel room and they start making out. The over stressed Logan hops on to the bar and Alex kneels on a stool in front of him to slide off his pants. Once his pants are removed, Alex buries his face on Logan’s thick cock. Logan grabs the back of his head shoving his cock down his throat. Logan is happy to get his dick hard and wet in Alex’s mouth before he bends him over to shove that cock deep in his ass. Pushing him against the bar, its Logan’s turn to kneel on the stool and eat Alex’s ass. Using his tongue to get that tight hole wet, he takes his time to open his ass for his cock. He thrusts his dick deep into Alex’s ass with one hard push and that releases a deep moan. Logan gets right into an ass slapping rhythm that has his balls slapping on the back of Alex’s ass as he pounds his cock deep in his hole. Wanting to push every thick inch of his cock deep into Alex, he grabs his shoulders and pulls him back farther on his shaft. Later, Logan is happy to reciprocate a good fucking by bending over and taking Alex’s thick cock deep in his tight hole. They fuck on a table in front of the hotel room’s window for a hot taste of voyeuristic action. Alex is pounding balls deep in Logan’s hole while he sucks on his own finger and begs for him to fuck harder. Alex pulls his cock out of Logan just in time to shoot a huge load of warm cum all over his balls and chest. Logan then stand to give Alex a cum facial bringing a sticky ending to this new gay porn release. These studs learn you don’t need luggage when you spend the afternoon fucking in the hotel room.


logans hot ass

another great vid by you guys love logan, alex is hot as hell also would have liked a rear view of logans ass while fucking alex other wise great job keep up the good work it just keeps getting better