BENT Episode 2

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Cactus is the codename the secret service use for one of their most high value assets, the presidents son. Sam has been guarding him for a few months now and it didn't take long for him to tell that Cactus played for the same team he did. Doing his best to be professional he had already had to deflect many of Cactus' advances. But Sam is only human...


All grown up

Wow, Colton sure has grown up since his first shoot with CK. Love those glasses on him as well. Both he and Damien have sexy AF bodies and they work well in this storyline. Good job with the script. It's awesome that you have fun and use your creativity in putting these together.

BENT Ep. 2

Need More Guys Of Color On The Site.

not my cup of tea but no offense to the show

Only my dumb opinion, because I was not attracted to either one of these guys, hard to watch....not to take away from a well done more theatrical deal...and first black guy I've seen here....nice to mix it up...but yeesh, not so a k on the looks dept. just from one girl's opinion

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