A Welcome Distraction

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Enjoying a nap on the couch is a rare treat for Corbin Colby but is short lived as the neighbor starts working in the yard. Corbin peeks through the blinds to see what’s going on and notices that his super sexy Latin neighbor is hard at work outside. His neighbor, Leo Marks, sees him but doesn’t mind at all because he’s had his eye on him for a while now. Excited about what he is seeing, Corbin is stroking his cock through his shorts before he notices Leo walking his way. Leo knocks on the door to ask to come in for a break to cool off and a horny Corbin lets him in the house. It looks like Leo isn’t the only one that had been checking out the neighbor and these two studs are making out on the couch in no time at all. Leo isn’t going to be cooling off in here as he straddles Corbin on the couch pushing his tongue deep into his mouth while grinding on his cock. Leo knew he had a lot of work today but taking this big cock deep in his throat and ass is a most welcome surprise. Leo pulls that thick ten inch dick out and starts sucking it while Corbin reaches into his shorts grabbing and slapping his ass. That luscious ass has him excited and he gets behind Leo, pushing him onto the couch and eats his ass. He works his tongue deep into his hairy hole stretching that ass and getting him wet for his cock. Corbin rams his hard throbbing cock into his ass and Leo is moaning with pleasure as he takes all ten inches deep inside. Corbin works hard to get every inch of his thick cock in Leo’s ass as they fuck on the couch. Leo flips over and Corbin continues fucking him on the couch until he’s ready to shoot his big load of warm cum. Both of these guys are going to need a nap after this ass pounding but that will have to wait until Leo washes the huge load of cum off his face.


Oh my!

Corbin ... is the perfect young swirl ... EVERYTHING about him is fantastic! Love the boy! Leo's hairy ass is amazing as is his cocksucking ability. The only thing better would have been if Leo would have taken Corbin's load in his mouth at the end and then sucked him dry! Maybe next time, hopefully? ??

Corbin and Leo

Really hot scene. College students doing summer landscaping, with their deep tans, slender waists, skinny butts, working stripped to the waist and being watched and enjoying it, are prick teases. Like other male prick teases, the college student doing summer landscaping needs a big cock pumping in and out of his butt. That's what this scene is about. Additionally, I believe that Corbin was an 18 year old high school senior and Leo was a college undergrad when this scene was filmed, so there is the added rush of the high school senior getting a piece of hot college ass. Since Corbin produced the bigger dick and shot the bigger load, he well deserved it.

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Leo Is So Fucking Hot I could just eat his ass and suck his cock of hours he makes my dick nice and hard more please!!!