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Ian Levine is one smoking hottie. This was his first scene with ColbyKnox, so we made it an easy one. Ian and Mickey start out on the bed. It don't take any time at all and they are going at it. Mickey sucks cock like a pro, and Ian returns the favor. Soon Ian is fucking Mickey, and he don't stop until there is Cum everywhere.



Wow that was hot ! Mickey’s face the whole time was just joy all over. Ian’s ASS is a thing of beauty... watching it was so nice for me. ?? Loved it...

shit thats hot

I never watched this video before though I have seen almost every one on the site, I don't know why. Have to say that this is one of the hottest! I love the intense kissing at the beginning and every single moment after that! Take a side glance to that from time to time for future scenes, the authenticity is amazing!


Ian's hole has taken a pounding from the best in porn for years - I loved watching him pound back. He's aligning himself to be around for awhile - beefing up, topping. He is so hot. Mickey has a hot ass and the hottest pits I've seen in a long while. I'd love to bury my face in his pits while I bury my cock in his hole. Totally hot video

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