Catching up with Eli Lincoln -BAREBACK-

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In this week's new release from ColbyKnox, it's the first sexual encounter Eli Lincoln and the boys have had in YEARS!!! The sense of urgency is so palpable. There's not a lot of foreplay in this one. The upside to that is there is plenty of CUM!!! Colby Chambers quickly gets to Eli's ass. No time is wasted before Colby is pumping away at those famously plump butt cheeks. Mickey Knox wants to get in on the fun too, so he puts Eli in a riding position. Watching that sweet ass bounce up and down on Mickey's cock is truly a thing of beauty. We won't go into much detail because we don't want to spoil the ending. Let's just say the boys shoot multiple cumshots in this non-scripted reunion of chemistry, and lust, between three friends. Enjoy!!!


Eli and His Hot Bubble Butt

Cute Eli and his hot ass return to ColbyKnox with the predictable result of taking cock up his sensational bubble butt. As Eli put it: "How do we decide who goes first?" Eli is one hot cute bottom.

so sensuous

Colby was fucking hot and Eli has a got bubble butt. Mickey is always a star