4 Times The Fun -BAREBACK-

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This week's XXX porn video release from ColbyKnox is some unscripted (and sexy) fun with Eli Lincoln, Troye Jacobs and, of course, Colby and Mickey!!! The boys start out chatting with the audience. The four studs are all stretched out, enjoying their time together. Eli Lincoln's plump and ample butt cheeks are a call to action for the three other boys. After they all have fun squeezing, licking, and teasing Eli's ass, they pair off and really get down to business. Mickey Knox bends Eli Lincoln over the couch, shoving his throbbing and hard cock between those plush ass cheeks. Troye Jacobs claims Colby Chambers, sitting down on Colby's cock like an experienced cowboy getting into a saddle. Hold on and try to keep up as this carefree, and lustful, expression of male sexuality unfolds before your eyes. Splash guards are not included in the price of membership. :-) Enjoy!!!!


The Boys Bang Twinks Eli and Troye

Hot four way! Almost simultaneously Mickey and Colby penetrated Eli and Troye respectively, and the bareback fucking of the twinks was on! Colby made sure to shoot his load inside of Troye's hot twink ass. Interesting conversation between the twinks at the end. Eli lost his gay virginity shooting his first gay porn scene, and Troye lost his anal virginity in his first gay porn scene. Mickey and Colby fucked both of them well in this hot scene!